Water Pumps

  • All castings, hubs and impellers are completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned using industrial cleaning compounds and equipment.
  • All castings are inspected prior to assembly to ensure that all threads, mounting flanges, bearing bores, outlets and water jackets meet our rigid standards.
  • All cast housings are painted prior to the assembly process to inhibit rust and for cosmetic uniformity.
  • Throughout the assembly process, all hubs and impellers are inspected prior to use. Any hub or impeller that is not within specifications is discarded. Hubs and impellers are all precision fit and chemically bonded. Hubs are pre-load tested during assembly.
  • Only premium quality new bearings and seals are installed during water pump assembly.
  • All water pumps are bench-tested under simulated operating conditions, to ensure trouble free installation and operation. Tests performed include seal, bearing and hub run-out tests.
  • During packaging new mounting gaskets and or “O” rings are included, as well as mounting instructions and any special bulletins that may apply.
  • AutoLine  Water Pumps are backed by our Limited Lifetime guarantee. Commercial and  industrial applications are guaranteed for one year from date of  installation.