Throttle Body Injection Units


  • All AutoLine Throttle Body Injection units are precision remanufactured from original equipment units.
  • After disassembly all parts are inspected and cleaned in industrial equipment. Internal parts such as gaskets, "O" rings and filters are discarded. All housings are sandblasted or tumbler processed to restore the finish. Mounting flanges are surfaced to ensure proper mating with companion parts.
  • During our sub-assembly process all threads, inlets and vacuum pipes are inspected and repaired or replaced as necessary. Throttle plates are inspected and replaced if not serviceable. Throttle bushings are installed wherever throttle shafts play is not within our rigid tolerances. Completed base assemblies are checked for vacuum integrity. Any base that does not meet our specifications must be repaired prior to use.
  • Throughout our assembly process all components are tested prior to product assembly. Injectors are resistance, flow, spray pattern, and leak tested prior to use. Throttle position sensors (T.P.S.) and idle air control (I.A.C.) solenoids are voltage and resistance tested prior to assembly.
  • Completed product is flow tested throughout all ranges of operation to ensure proper calibration. Base idle speed settings are made during product testing, therefore reducing the amount of adjustment necessary during on vehicle set-up.
  • All AutoLine Throttle Body Injection units are heat shrink packaged with installation instructions, mounting gaskets and specific technical bulletins.
  • All AutoLine Throttle Body Injection units are guaranteed for one year from installation, 90 days on commercial and off-road applications.