CV Axles

Constant Velocity (CV) Drive Axles

  • All axles are completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned using industrial cleaning compounds and equipment.
  • All housings, shafts, cages and races are inspected, including all splines and threads. 
  • Housing races and cages are precision ground using C.N.C. machining equipment. 
  • All components are measured throughout the assembly process to ensure precise tolerances are maintained. 
  • During assembly, a pre-measured grease charge or 3-6 ounce grease is added to each joint. 
  • Premium quality new 100% Neoprene Compound Boots are installed. 
  • Every unit is bench tested throughout complete range of operation. 
  • Every  effort is used in all aspects of production to ensure total quality  from the teardown section through to cleaning and assembly, and finally  to the packaging department. 
  • All  of our product is assembled and date coded to ensure quality. All  warranties are thoroughly examined and this data is used to further  improve the product. 
  • All Autoline C.V. Axles are covered by our limited lifetime guarantee       when installed on non-commercial applications. Axles with torn or  damaged boots are not warrantable. Commercial and fleet applications       are guaranteed for one year from date of installation.