Company History

Incorporated Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 1967

Like so many family owned businesses, AutoLine Products Ltd. has grown from infancy to a major player in the aftermarket rebuilding industry.

From custom repairing magnetos, carburetors and distributors in the early sixties, the company realized the potential demand for a quality exchange program. In 1967 the operation was moved from a small repair facility to a 5,000 square foot building and incorporated under the name of AutoLine Products Ltd. At that time the company directed their marketing through wholesale automotive jobbers.

From listening to customer requests we added rebuilt water pumps and power steering pumps. This also meant larger facilities, and in 1976 AutoLine moved into a new 30,000 square foot building adjacent to the original location.

Fortunately as  the business continued to grow, several new remanufactured lines were  added and three building additions have taken place over the years.  Today the Winnipeg factory covers 50,000 square feet and we  remanufacture eight primary product lines. 

In 2003,  AutoLine Products Ltd. purchased Tarani Rebuilders Inc., an Edmonton, AB  based company known as a quality rebuilder of CV axles and Rack &  Pinion units, supplying the Canadian aftermarket. Autoline Products has  now introduced these quality products into the AutoLine product package.

AutoLine Products Ltd. is proud to use the slogan "The Difference is Quality". We owe this claim to each of our 80 plus employees with an average employment record of over 20 years. Dedication translates into experience and from there, to quality and customer satisfaction.

Today,  AutoLine products are sold from nine warehouse locations across Canada and  the USA. As well, we export to many other countries.

As product demands change, AutoLine will continue to source and add new lines to ensure long term growth and stability. The addition of Industrial, Agricultural and Heavy Duty Truck applications provides new market potential for our customers. Our goal is to continue to serve and grow with our customers.

Cy Russell
General Manager